Post deleted by Steve_Claus

define "south jersey" :) are we talking near cape may or near phila or near wharton or ????

the wrooster

Rat -

I e-mailed you a few days ago .. I'm itching for somewhere new to practice .. I promise I won't bring my 2smoke buddies if you don't want them there ... :)



Im kinda confused about the post :) I was under the impression that it was an invitation to check out your track. I also sent a few emails to you about riding but you only told me your general location. No big deal....just wondering whats up?


Rat racin;

I'll be in cape may this weekend, and would like to check the track out. You gonna be around? If so, leave directions in my private messages. Thanx.

99400f streeted


00cr-50 husky


91kx125 :)

I'm going to be watching the races with my son on sunday. What number are you running?

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