Headlight Switch for 2004 WR450F?

Has anyone put a switch in place so the headlight could be easily turned off or on? When I got my new WR last week couldn't believe it didn't have a switch to turn it off.

Here's the Switch I used for my dual sport kit.

It has Off/Low Beam/High beam and kill button which I use for the horn button.

It's made by K&S, I had my local bike shop order it from Tucker/Rocky or Parts Unlimited.




It is my understanding that you can go to the dealer and order the switch for the 03 WR and wire it on.

I used this switch on my bike for the high/low beam headlight circuit and for the horn. The switch worked well until I dumped it in a wash and broke the top of the switch off. Now it's stuck in high beam mode. :awww: It's a little too tall for my liking, but, hind sight being what it is I'll probably go for something more fully dual-sport-centric, something with a turn signal, horn and kill switch built-in. :thumbsup:

why did the 03 WR's have the on off switch and the 04 WR's don't? :thumbsup:

It is my understanding that you can go to the dealer and order the switch for the 03 WR and wire it on.

The 03 switches are pretty nice, I put lights on my KTM and used my old Yamaha switch.. Works great.... :thumbsup:

The headlight is ran off the lighting coil rectifier and not off the battery. It only lights when the engine is running. A switch really isn't necessary to preserve battery power. I think the only advantage of having a switch would be to extend the headlight life.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

DD :thumbsup:

Believe it or not you can feel the power loss just off idle when running the headlight in real slow narly stuff. It stalls easier due to the load from the lighting coil. Remember this is not free energy and I like to turn off the light in these situations. :thumbsup:

My bad, I thought the power draw from the light would be negligible.

DD :thumbsup:

Has any one figured it out where to connect a switch?

I'm surprised you can feel it. Assuming the high beam is running it should only require about .15 horsepower worst case assuming a very liberal 50% efficiency factor (1 hp = 745 watts @ 100% EF).

Like I said you can only feel it when putting around in first gear with the throttle closed and trying to give it a little gas in delicate technical trials type riding. You can easily feel the load by turning the switch on/off. :thumbsup:

I don't doubt you. I just said I was surprised!

Does anybody know where to get a switch or even a complete duel sport kit. 04 WR450F :thumbsup:

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