Crashed in Jericho


Well had a good time in UTAH last week. My brother Talked me into an informal 15 Mile Desert race with some of his friends. About 3/4 of the way through I came up on a waddy that had a rider blocking the route so I went around "but didn't see the kicker at the top of the slope. It threw me straight on my head after flying through the air. Got knocked The$@@k out and Broke my radius in my forearm.

Most important Is the bikr came through with only minor scratches on the rear fender.

And Thanks to all who provided info ON HIGH ALTITUDE Jetting. I went with a 158 main and 1 atep up on the needle. Bike ran great a little bog down low but not bad, no trouble fouling plugs. And by the way you can do sand Mountain with the stock nobby.

my god man, don't you know, this motor-cycle thing is dangerous. good luck healing, and remember, for god sakes, be careful out there! :)

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