Sad Day

Question: Ive got to give up the Dr. D pipe. Hate to do it :) Just too loud for the 02 426.

FMF Q & Power Bomb combo, is it worth it?

I bought the bike new and the Dr. D set up at the same time. Never rode the bike with the stock pipe. I'm afraid Im going to notice a big difference, one less than faverable. I assume the top end will suffer.

Is the FMF Q & Power Bomb combo worth the money, or should I look at something different? Any comments or suggestions?

After a forum info search on the FMF Q pipe I'm thinking I should look the new White Brothers E2. All I see is substantial power loss. Less than the stock :)

I gave the insert a try plus new packing, still too loud.

you want to sell the DR D?

I have heard that the CRD Absolute Power II doesn't choke off the power as much as the FMF Q and is quieter. A lot of the European guys are using these.

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