Supertrapp IDS2 Q series

Has any1 used the above pipe? Considering getting one to replace my way too loud DSP. Any comments would be welcome :)



One pipe I know of that uses similar technology is the WhiteBros e-series.. with the tunable disc system... not too loud... depending on how it is set up...



My buddy has one on his ttr 250 it works well, I personally hate the sound of those tunable pipes. They sound rattley, but it can go from loud to quiet with only the change of some discs. He runs it with six discs and doesn't even get a head turn at stonyford. (96db restrictions)

I have an 02 426 and have been messing with a white brothers e series,in my opinion it is a loud pipe but it makes some serious improvements in the performance of my bike.I am having jetting problems and just took the e series back off to try to get a feel for where I am,the bike feels like a turd now,the e series makes mine rip.I fooled with different disks and did not see a lot of difference in the sound at all.It is loud but not as bad as some of the others.

I have a Supertrapp IDS2 on my KLX650C Dual Sport and it has held up pretty well for the past 22K miles. Sorely in need of a repack! It is relatively cheap too.

I have/had an E-Series on my WR400 and even with only 4 discs + the quiet insert it does not meet the 96 db requirement. Also, it runs like crap with 4 disc. When I do use this muffler I run it with 8 discs + quiet insert and avoid the areas where the Rangers typically hang out.

I'm running an FMF Q right now. Need to have it tested though, as I've heard some people say it too doesn't quite come in under 96 db.

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