Egos Best Side

I call this one

Praying to the traction godstraction.jpg

Im glad I dont suffer from egotism :)


weight the outside peg there buddy! hahaha! nice one :)

What an ass

That looks more like a flat track than a MX track!


I guess ya really like my tight butt, I work hard on it BOY :)



ya TT track was preped the week before for the Ricky Graham memorial Vintage TT. They just watered the track down, the video is funnier, at least I got up and passed the lil 50cc I was racing against :) That kid was fast

Originally posted by EgoAhole:


..the video is funnier...

Well, I'm waiting......


post it in awhile I am rendering it

Here it is in all my splendid glory

The best part of ego is making fun of himself

Enjoy :)

Notice How I set up and pass the xr80 yz426 power man all the way

It will take a few seconds to download


[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Good one. Elbows up homeboy. Thanks for sharing.

oooops. sorry about the caps. don't know why it did that, the caps button isn't on.

Never mind, those aren't caps. I don't remember the letters being so big.

What a bonehead... EgoAhole that is. :)

Yo Ego:

After playing the clip a couple times we (not you) realize that even the kids stayed away from the inside of the WET corner. :) However... It is true... You (Us not You) can learn alot from a dummy :D:D

Keep the clips and pics comming :D:D

hey kids, watch as I....SLIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP!!!!


Oh, and that thump wasn't the sound of my engine! :)

I told you to stay away from the inside. :) heheh

That's hilarious! I love being able to see the kiddies go by in the background as you pick up the bike!! :)



My son told me to stay away from the inside :) But since my son dont listen to me why should I listen to him Dummy Who you calling a dummy I was demonstrating to the kids the IMPROPER method of cornering :D

Ya Im a bone head, But I have fun :D

Those lil kiddies stuffed me in that turn ya thats it !! They ganged up on me and stuffed me :D

Its all about having fun, I am known around here in some minds as a ^%&%&&*^hole, but in defence OK your right, I am, ask me friends. But my friends will tell ya I wil be the first to make fun of myself and laugh about it. They will also tell ya I will be the first one there if anyone needs help. Life is too short to take things serious (Or Way To Seriuos like some people here)

They get there shorts in a uproar, eez up have fun, laugh......

Its all about having fun !! :D

I challange all you Ego Haters to post a bone head bail and share it with the world if not then go suck an egg

[ May 29, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]


What are you doing out there during kiddie practice anyway!?!?! :)

Pretty funny!

I hate getting smoked by those kids on 80's too.

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