Egos Best Side

They kept taunting me

Ego is an Ahole

ego is an ahole

My son said go show em dad

and well the rest is history....


All hail EgoAhole - King of the Supermini's!!!!


Hey Ego,

I have been caught on video twice doing something very clumsy on a bike. You make fun of everyone including yourself. I'd have a beer or 15 with ya! As a world class instigator myself I recognize your methods. By the way didja every act retarded to get your wife out of a store?

Lol! That is hilarious. :) And why is it that whenever we do idiotic stuff... there's always another idiot with a camera filming it all.


Hey that idiot is ego jr laughing, After he told me "Stay on the outside its wet"


"That lil red xr80 is gunning for ya" :)

Beezer no I just let loose with a barage of silant farts and act real innicent :D

Man you should of left the camera going for a few minutes longer. You could have shown the proper starting proceedure :)

Damn 50 & 80's, those kids a quick!

BTW, did ya pass them back? If not, take the inside and push them out over the berm, that'll teach those 5-8 year olds not to mess with ya! :D

Man, thats what ridings all about, having fun with the kids :D way to go DAD, good job.

Only an EGO could sustain such a crushing blow and continue unscathed! Too funny, you brightend my day! :)


Me skins too thick to be demoralized, after all I was setting up to pass the lil guy on the 80 :)


I got all the video about 60 megs worth. Took that much time to reatsrt the bike Doh :D

No kicked over second try then I stalled it,

Now thats embarASSing

Kicked once and took off, I was to buzy laughing at myself to gain control.....

Glad I can make everyone smile

[ May 29, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

[ May 29, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

EGO, more power to you buddy for posting that. I know why you took the inside line.....hey hey hey...trying to make some position moves! It would have worked with more weight on the outside peg & a little less throttle. I know you were hating the camera shots as you looked to see the film rolling. Anyway, I respect anyone that can poke fun at themselves especially in front of this audience! Take care & keep up the sarcasm, we all need more of that.... :):D:D

I wish i had a video camera sometimes to film my dad. Like the time he did a perfect cartwheel backwards on a trike at Silver Lake sand dunes..

No offense was intended by calling your son an idiot, hehe.

Im glad people like you can keep us entertained without ya life would be boring, or at least much less interesting. Keep up the hilarious posts! :)

No offence takin me skin is way to thick and besides I am to egotisticle to take things to heart

For godsake!!! DON'T LET THE "RED" GUYS SEE THIS, We'll be ruined!!!!! :)

Sweet video!!!! If you were on a 250f the thing would've stuck and you would've run away from those kiddies!!


That lil red xr center punched me, thats it, he got mad cuz I passed him on the outside.

You couldnt see the center punch in the video :):D

[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

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