Yes......Yzf426f and Crf450r can have fun together!

Just had to let you guys know that sirthumpalot drove for a couple of hours to go riding with me and my family. Yes I do have a Crf and Yes he does have a Yzf and No there was no problems of:

who's goes faster, who's start's easier and all that other stuff. Just went riding and had a great time.

Great looking bike sirthumpalot and had great fun too. My son is still talking about the fun he had riding with you. I guess the 4th and 5th gear wheelie's he liked(I bet you did too).

Anybody that just wants to ride in a very big area that has about everything, let me know.

East Central Florida is where I'm at.

I'm just out to ride and have fun.

Don't matter the bike or person. :)

This is a perfect example of how we all can get along

Man I got tears in my eye reading this :)

If only then demoncats and the repukacans can get along this well... :D

Man I am gonna go out and make friends with a CRF rider just so I can have a token Honda bud :D

After all I do know a guy with a KTM that dosnt ride it, Pretty Bike :D


Thanks for keeping the dream alive...............

See us dirtbikers are color blind, it dont matter RED, YELLOW or ORANGE we love em all


We did have a great ride, if any of you guys down in S FL want to do some really fun offroading then send a PM to me or Ripper65. There's a really big area near him (in Palm Bay) with lots of open trails. Land is getting scarce and I was surprised to see so much still open to riding! And you would be surprised to hear that his son, who loved doing no hander and no footer jumps from verticle rutted takeoffs on his CRF450, is only 12yrs old! If only I had a CRF450 to ride when I was 12.. :)

Anyway, great ride, thanks for taking me out there!

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