YZ 450F preview in Dirt Rider

Doesnt look all that great. Its wet sumped, small swingarm and lighter hubs. And a lighter airbox. Unfortuantly the ergo's havent really changed. I think I am buying a red bike. I love my 400 but I am truly disappointed in Yamaha. I think the "Massive Diet" only took off about 10lbs. Not enough for me.

I have to agree with you. If Yamaha only takes off 10 pounds, I will also go red.

Why don't you guys go do some sit ups if you are concerned about 10 pounds that bad. That is lame, I bet if Yamaha listed the dry weight 20 pounds lighter this year you would buy the bike and never know the difference...Sorry guys, I just think you are obsessed with this whole "my bike is 10 ounces lighter than yours" :):D

Oh yah, by the way, a mercedes coupe weighs more than a hyundai coupe. Lighter is not ALWAYS better.

The red bike (this years) is 15 lbs lighter.

So you are disappointed about a 5 lb difference?

I think 10 lbs and 50 cc sounds great!

Its not just about the weight. The bike looks competely the same. The previous issue of Dirt Rider that had a prototype drawing had a much better look. I still hate the fact of the 2 holes cut out in my side panels. Also I was hoping the controls would be a little higher. Basically it looks like a hooked up version of a big bore 426.

Oh YZnvegas... Pull the stick out of your ass you moron. I was only using the weight as a factor because many people were looking at the weight of the bike. Its not a deciding factor for me. If the bike only weighed 215 I probably still wouldnt buy it. Yamaha hasnt made the bike anything that I cant just do to a 426. In my opionion it is a weak answer to a better machine. Not to say I would ride the bike but I just think that the Honda will better suit me. Also why the hell are you comparing the weight of Hyundai and a Benz to 2 dirtbikes. You sit in a car and you dont get arm pump unless your doing something else???? On a bike a few pounds can mean the difference of arm pump if you ride sandy tracks like we have here. That is if you know what its like to ride on a sandy track. Have you ever ridden on a real MX track? Doubt it!!!!!

So far the 03 yz is guess, the article in Dirt Rider, Was there pics was this an official yamaha Press release. As far as I know Yamaha has not released any info yet on the 03.

Gonzo good reply :)

I am little disappointed skthom2320. I like the bike that I have now but it is 5 years old. Why Yamaha is still using a design from 5 years ago is beyond me. They have only made mininmal updates since the 400. Now I could end up being dead wrong and the pic in Dirt Rider may not encompass all of the changes. They said in the article that when they asked for a pic of the 450 this is what Yamaha sent them.

Miss information is the best propaganda, Ask the marketing DimWit that sarcasticly responded

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Hey Gonzo, have fun on your shiny new Honda, if you ride that spiffy "light" bike fast enough you can catch up to the bandwagon. Sounds like you already have a head start.

Maybe you should try touching and sitting on the bike in person before you make your decision. You are like a little kid looking at an ad "oh look ma, I want that one cause' some editor at some magazine said it was cool". Go ride the bike or shut your trap.

If you call someone a moron because they disagree with you, I know enough about you already to know your mind is weak and fragile. I will not confuse you anymore.

Yamaha has not released ANY info on the 03 bike. They are waiting for the dealer show in June to unleash info. The things we do know are....increased displacement (unknown exactly how many cc's), lighter (unknown by how much) and that is all the info they will let out.

I know one of the Yamaha test riders and he has been VERY tight lipped about the changes. Only he, Dubach and the Yamaha exec's really know what the changes are/will be. We'll have to wait a few more weeks until the truth becomes public.

Until then, shut your pie holes about what you think the changes will be!!!


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its truly amazing how when you open your mouth

that your true nature shines Truly amazing

Grow up lil boy

Originally posted by gonzo:

Doesnt look all that great. Its wet sumped, small swingarm and lighter hubs. And a lighter airbox. Unfortuantly the ergo's havent really changed. I think I am buying a red bike. I love my 400 but I am truly disappointed in Yamaha. I think the "Massive Diet" only took off about 10lbs. Not enough for me.

What's wrong with the ergos? When did Yamaha say the bike was going on a "massive diet?"

Actually, if it really is 10 lbs. lighter IMO that qualifies as a massive diet. You could easily spend a grand making your 400/426 10 lbs lighter. Ten pounds lighter and a 24 cc sounds like a pretty significant year-to-year change to me. And who cares what it looks like (but then, I used to ride a KX500)????

As for it being a five year old design, the CR250 is older than that, and it took five years for Honda to try and MATCH the YZF with the 450. Sure, they did a good job, but can anybody objectively say it is "better?"

Hint: Answer rhymes with "go."

Gonzo, I think you are asking for too much from Yamaha. Then again, they are the company that started this four stroke revolution, and so far only a few other bikes can hope to match them. So I guess I can see how they have created such high expectations...


"Best to remain a quite fool..."


Their are several versions of that quote, but what is in your sig doesn't match any of them.

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." -- Mark Twain

Hope this helps.

Now ther is the Ego Version :) Thanks Hick point taken :D

But will I learn Nahhhhh

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Egodumbhole, you're so damn stupid you can't even get a quote right. LOL Go buy a kawasaki, I don't think you can handle the power of the 426. (I watched your video) :)

"Why can't we all just get along?"

A quote from Fat Albert , a regular saturday morning staple growing up in the mid seventies.

For someone who said I was a kid you sure know how to talk like a 4 year old. Anyway a little FYI on 'Gonzo', I ride 250A and 16-24 I am 24 years old and I could kick the living crap out of you. If your any good... I will see you at Loretta's.

See My Pic here

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Everybody just go get the new Dirt Rider it has a preview of all the new 03 YZ's. You be your own judge of what you like best for you. Dont let me or some prick tell you different. Good luck and ride your ass off.


Ya got no beef with me, Its the other Prick I guess your talking about :)

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