YZ 450F preview in Dirt Rider

thats nothing... the rapture keeps babys in jars!

Mark UK where I am from... that is known as a Bubba Baby!!!!!!.....nice teeth...... :):D:D

heres a picture of the rapture preparing a baby for the jar


hmmmm im starting to worry myself,,,,how come ive got so many baby pictures????

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Bigdesto-Thank you for the correction, you beat me to it :)

I guess I am gonna have to dig out my baby in a jar pic, unless Loop has it tucked away somewhere....

Originally posted by Mark_UK:


thats not a picture of you as a baby,,,,,this is



Nope, I had the big ears, my brother had the big teeth... :)

But I did find one of your baby pictures...mama's pride and joy! :)


And this baby photo of Ga426owner explains a lot.. :):D:D


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hhahahaa thats pretty funny mark!! :):D


Since this is now a Picture Show

Here is a secret Honda Test Rider




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Originally posted by EgoAhole:

Miss information is the best propaganda,

[ May 29, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Who is Miss information? I could use her..


she sounds kinda hot, is that a swedish last name? mmmmmmm......swedish :)

Shes on the back of the secret test rider bike in my last posts :)

Hey, nobody said we were showing pictures of our kids. Here's a shot of my little nose miner. RR.


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