Name These guys ?




Howerton and I dont know the second, and no I didn't cheat to find out who they are.

Howerton on top is right,

Whats his Nick-Name ?

What Bike ?

I know the first is Kent because that was in one of the rags, as far as the second.....well, lets see, wearing #1...on a Yamaha...I don't have a clue, how about Hannah, keep in mind, I am only 19, so I didn't really grow up with these guys here.


I will take you as my Young Padwan Learner

The second photon is of the one great one that we all wanted to be in the 70's

A Clue

oh geez I am lost now, couldn't tell ya bike and nickname. I kinda fall into the same case as motousa, as both of these guys were incredibly fast while I was 5 or younger.

Rhinestone Cowbot on a Husky

Rhinestone Cowboy on a Husky

Could the second photo be Jimmy Weinert or Brad Lackey?

Rhinestone Cowboy and its a Husky cr360

Second guy Not telling yet

Heikki Mikkola?

Pierre Karsmaker(s). I forget the spelling...

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Bingo We have a winner

Pierre was the man that taught the usa how to ride MX on a GP scale. Guys like Lackey, Pomaroy and howerton learned the ropes fro Pierre.

I have two more I will post tomarrow these are going Back

Well, thank you Ego, I do admit I have much to learn in the area "ancient" motocross...speaking of this, have you seen the bikes in Dirt Rider ( I think). They are doing some special on bikes that changed riding as we know it today....pretty cool to see how things have changed...I can offer up something though, one of my friend's dad has a 70'something CZ 250....I have ridden it, and well, I will stay on my YZ's..............

That will be another post young Padwan Learner. I have tons of pics of bikes that made MX what it is today. This is going to be fun

Dang....I woulda had both of them. I hate having to work...cuts into my TT time :)


Ego, where ya getting the pics?

From my stash man from the stash.

These were from the last two issues of mxa. I have a crap load of 70's 80's cycle world and dirt bike I am going through

Stay Tuned


Find an ad for those old moto posters. Give me a lead and I'll search it out.



Originally posted by EgoAhole:

Bingo We have a winner


The only reason I knew this is because I bought evey dirt bike mag made in the middle to late 70's. I read them cover to cover. Had an XR75 that was stolen and we couldn't afford another one so I lived vicariously through the dirt bike mags.

Watch out - I am a wealth of 70's knowledge. But I know absolutely NOTHING after about 1982! I didn't even know who Jeremy McGrath was until I bought my bike last year...

hey ego, that first guy, if ya change his riding colors, and bike, and kinda...laaaaay him over a bit more in the turn, while setting up to pas a "fast guy on an xr 80" well he kinda looks like...? :) hmmm, who is that guy, just saw a video. ???

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