Carrying extra gas. Idea's?

On the way to Tonapah is a nudey hot tubs spot in saline valley. We figured that would be a great place for lunch. Figured the scenery would be good for a bunch of old perverts. We get there and theres only one guy there soaking in one of the tubbs (Lizard Lee I think was his name, kind of a camp host I guess) Oh well I guess I was saved from seeing a bunch of 300 pound women showing off the goods.

SlowXR, sorry to high jack your thread with personal stories, it just seemed to fit in here.

Mark, you are correct sir... :lol:


Inside my backpack is a gallon, outside I have two Maier jugs and a Gatorade bottle just for snickers...

First time you run out of gas with the Diegels, shame on them :thumbsup: the next time it happeneds shame on me :devil:

I won't have my bike yet and I'm busy moving into my new house in Moorpark so I won't make this one.. I'll do the next Laughlin trip for sure..

Will Johnnys new GF let him ride anymore? :awww:


talk about derailing a thread.. :D

be careful what you say the supreme commander might be watching. So whats the difference with the 05 WR's versus what you had. Are you sorry you sold your last WR?

I run a 4.6 tank and usually carry 1 1/2 on my back haven't run out of gas yet, but have had to turn that big on it's back a couple of times to get every last drop. My last gas drought was with you and your dad when he ripped open his elbow.

Are you sorry you sold your last WR?

No, I always planned on getting an 05 WR for our long rides..

Dan- Are you talking about John & Derek Diegel, the ones that used to own the Suzuki shop in Ventura? I rode with them a few times back around '86, so I know what you mean. Derek was riding an '85 M'Star, John was riding an RM400. Ask 'em about a ride we took on the Donut Rock trail from Coalinga to Clear Creek back then... Good times! :thumbsup: We all had to carry extra gas & two smoke oil too. Big group of us did a Mojave to Jawbone to Dove Springs to Isabella to Randsburg to CA city to Mojave ride- luckily it was a full moon that night!

Back to carrying extra gas... Back then I used to zip-tie a one-gallon film-processing chemical container I got from a one-hour photo place through the front number plate & around the fork tubes- worked perfect on my CR500.

Lately I've been using an extra 3-liter Camelback bladder inside my backpack- I just tape the water line to the bladder & JB-welded in a rubber plug. No problems so far, but I saw a better solution on this forum here a couple weeks ago- ballistic water bladders. They look about the same size as a Moose fender bag & have a bunch of tie-down loops, & come in 1, 2 & 4-liter sizes. I'm ordered the 4-liter one, thinking it'll be be perfect to put on the front fender (might need a brace, though). Easy to dump in the gas tank after 20-30 miles, & great to transfer gas from bike to bike, too.

Hey Mikie, I'm obviously not Dan, but will answer for him. Yes this is the same John and Derick that owned the Suzuki shop in Ventura. The old man is still kickin our asses on these long rides. He seems to judge these rides by the amount of people who hate him after we make it home. :thumbsup::devil:

Big group of us did a Mojave to Jawbone to Dove Springs to Isabella to Randsburg to CA city to Mojave ride- luckily it was a full moon that night!

Mikie, :D:thumbsup: "Suzukiboys"...... Yep, same ones.. and we still do those rides..

Funny, what a small world... :devil::awww::lol:

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