"Bob Hannah" Yellow wr Plastic and graphics!

Anyone know if you can get the retro yellow plastic and speedblock decals for a wr450 2004??

Really want some!!!

if nothing else, the tank will be an issue. You can always order a Clarke Yellow tank, either in YZF capacity or stock WR (do they even offer a WR tank??).

The graphics are designed to cover up the blue tank.

Hopefully someone else can give you actual experience here.

yeah I want to do my 2004 WR450F this these Bob Hannah graphics also...

I just tried it and it does work.

Now, I know exactly what you are saying though.

One link I was using did it all the time. I used Google to find One Industries again for me. I got through eventually. It might have something to do with the requirements of the website, i.e. Flash Settings or something or other... :thumbsup:

Link doesn'twork for me too. I'll try google.

Why don't Yam offer this Scheme? The retro stuff is sooooo much cooler :thumbsup: than the blue, (even though the blue is ok!)

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