Getting rid of the HIT??

I keep seeing posts where people are doing mods to the bike that supposedly give more power and take away some of the hit. I thought that when you grab the throttle you want it to hit and immediately give you a blast of power. what's the deal?

One of the big advantages of the 4 stroke is the smooth power delivery, it adds a lot of tractibility. Power to the ground is what its all about. Too much hit and you start to get a feeling similar to a 2 stroke, and you increase your chances of wheelspin.

For some reason, alot of 4stroke riders think that their bikes have what they like to call a "hit"...this is usually where the power drops off for a few hundred RPM then suddenly jumps back up. For anyone whos ever ridden a 2stroke its so small its not even noticable...I personally think that anyone who says their 4stroke has a "hit" needs to spend a few days ridding a 2 stroke...try ridding an mid 80s 125 for a while then jump back on your 4stroke and tell me if it still "hits" :thumbsup:

I rode a 450 last week to see if I might add it to my 250F. I did not detect a "hit" like a 250 2-stroke has, but there was no hesitation that I could feel. Just instant power...:thumbsup:

Everything I have done to my 450 has made it more ridable and flattened the torque curve, by making it feel like there is less hit when in fact it just hits earlier harder and maintains the same mid and top end power. I hope that helps.

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