FOR SALE: 96 HUSABERGFE600E Sacramento area

Is your YZ or WR too slow? Then step up to a real bike! Lighter weight than a WR! Dependable. Electric start, street licensed, fresh tires, Sr. owned. Many extras incl: heated grips, ICO enduro computer, Mikuni carb, set up for Scotts damper, Steahly torque weight, barkbusters, skid plate, etc. With counter balancer, oil pump, and oil filter. Great condition. $3200/ OBO. Contact Chas at (916)660-1553 or

I don't think you are going to get much action with a pompous ad like that. My bike is not too slow so I don't need your old bike.

Just Kidding!!

Then step up to a real bike!


Ummm not too many slow blue bikes that I know of.... Hmmmm?

Perhaps you may want to visit one of the other boards ( even though you may not get much action in Exotic area )

My heart bleeds BLUE babyyyyy !!


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