RE:stock WR 450 pipe

Hi guys... I was just at the local yammie shop and checkin out the wr 450's for potentially my next purchase. Long story short, salesman told me that his girlfriends dad (long time rider/racer about 6'5", 200 lbs) loves his WR as a woods bike with stock pipe on! The only mods he made was throttle stop/gray wire clip.

What's everyones experience? I'm leaning towards a KTM 450 exc or the WR450. I'm only 5'7" and 180lbs. The bike will be a trail bike/dual sport and maybe occasional enduros/hares and hounds pacific northwest. Unless Honda unveils a CRF 450X soon, these are my 2 best choices for what I think I need. Will the stock Yammie exhaust tame the beast down for better tight woods trail riding like this guy claims?? I really dont want to spend alot of extra $$ making the bike for me, which is why I've already ruled out the drz because I dont want to have to revalve the suspension.

Actually the stock pipe without the insert will run pretty close with most of the aftermarket exhausts but it will be very loud. With the stock insert it doesn't run well at all. If you run a GYT ($39) or PMB insert it will tame the beast down a bit and it will still be legal (well in CA at least - 96db). The only downside of the stock exhaust is that it weighs about 5 pounds more than the aftermarkets. Other than that it performs pretty well. I run a stock exhaust w/GYT on my dual sport 426.

Holy Crap...5'7" !!! The WR may prove to be much to tall. Especially for technical sections. :lol:

I'm 6'1" & am still getting use to the height. I've been riding for 25 years & this is by far the tallest saddle i've mounted. The power is awesome. Take the insert out & it really comes to life !!! :thumbsup::awww::lol:

You will have to consider a suspension overhaul to lower the beast :lol:

The stock pipe has good low end power and a smooth roll on with the GYT tip. You will go deaf running without the insert, just way too loud. The bike sits tall but you can drop the front end by raising the forks in the clamps, it will turn better in the tight stuff this way. Several riders here have lowered both the front and rear and are much happier. Ground clearance in the hills is a good thing!

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