YZ426 choke

What is the deal with this choke...

I am a new 4 stroke owner (2000 426) and after finally gett'n her started, if you dont leave the choke on it dies.

any ideas?

Start with cleaning the carb, thoroughly.

Or use a fish scale :thumbsup::awww::lol:

a DIGITAL fish scale :thumbsup:


a DIGITAL fish scale :awww:


huh? fish scale for what? :thumbsup:

not makin fun...but it was funny :thumbsup:

do you turn the choke off as soon as it starts? you should leave it choked for a couple seconds until it starts to rev up a little.

I think krotchwaffle needs to read the "how did you come up with your name" thread, I'd like to hear this one. :thumbsup:

Make sure your air filter is clean as well and don't let your 8 year old son clean and oil your filters. He may forget squeeze out the excess filter oil. :awww:

I had some of this as well. Assuming it is jetted correctly, you may just need to turn the idle up a bit. It is black thumb srew on the same side. Been a while since I fiddled with it but I think turning it in speeds up the idle.

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