Johnnieairtime VS Irondude

I just got a PM from Johnnieairtime with what appears to me to be a threat at the end of it!!!


If you want to threaten me, and shops like Robs-and then try to slam us on TT--well then you in turn are going to get slammed.

What did you expect--all the 'thumper bros' were going to buy into your b.s.? Most of us think you and your mechanic are at fault for your issues. For exactly the reasons Qadson, myself, needsprayer, Ridesred, etc all outlined. I dont see the masses jumping in here as they did on the XR's Only quality service issue against Rob...for the simple fact that TTers thinks you and your parts changer are at fault.

You arent man enough to see that? You are just another finger pointer?

Next time do you homework. Read the posts i have written about aftermarket parts not fitting with other aftermarket parts. Read the post i did about needing to go with a Ross piston or modifiying the OEM piston to go with HD crank, Carillo rod, and performance cam. I warned everyone on here that there would be problems with clearence 6 months ago!

You should have done your homework. You should have gone to a real mechanic, not a parts changer. You should have listened for the valves hitting the piston, and realized there was a problem. You should have worked it out with Rob and Dennise--and not threatened them. And if you still wanted to post something negative about your experience with them-you should have done it once-in a mature and up front way.

You went about it the wrong way. You blasted Dennise and Rob all over the place on TT. You should have simply asked if others had trouble with them, and shared your situation. You went WAY to far, given the fact that they only forgot to send a part and had to re-send a crank. They are at fault for some minor inconveniences. Their faults dont warrent what you tried to do.

Now its backfired on you. I think you are a kook. SO does everyone else i have talked to about your little game.

Finally-you want to send me a veiled threat about 'clenched fists' 'meeting up on the road' down in Baja? 'It should be interesting'?

You just went from name calling to threat making.

Big mistake. Very big mistake. You seem out of control. You just dont know when to stop, do you? Yeah i may be an Ironass-and Rob may have sent the wrong part. But we are both very helpful, contributing, and committed off-roaders. Why dont you get that? I have helped at least 30 TTers with insights into racing and prepping the 650. I have met up with 5 of them and gone out of my way to share Baja insights and raceing insights. In fact my posts of 6 months ago warned people doing work like you had done of the potential issues that you ran into! Now you stoop to threatening me?


:thumbsup: I must be out of the loop on this one...


Take a deep breath and just let it go. Your bike is broken because of your stupidity, not Barnum's. How can you blame someone who did nothing more than sell you parts? :thumbsup: I talked with Rob once about a jetting problem I was having with a Yamaha. He didn't make a dime from me but still took the time to tell me exactly what I needed to know. He was one of the nicest and most knowledgeable men I've ever spoken to over the phone. :awww::lol:

Irondude and I don't see eye to eye on some things but when it comes to the BRP I know he knows what he's doing from experience. Now you have gained some experience, learn from it. :lol:

As far as threatening to "meet up on the road", be careful what you wish for, you just might get it :lol:.

Now go do something constructive and get over yourself. :lol:

I guess I should post Ironasses PMs to me too huh?! I've got a few good ones from him.

BUT FIRST, IronDude... why don't you post EXACTLY what was said. You call this a threat???

"So flame away Mike... have at it. I could care less. I don't mind being a 'dumb ass' about my cam and my mechanic.... I can take the heat and the posts, it's when they get personal (as you had done) that I clinch my fists.


See ya on the trail. It should be interesting."

And Threatening??? Come on IronDude... you think when I say "It should be interesting" is a threat??? Naaa... Something more like "I'm coming to kick your ass" could be. And when I said "clinching my fists"... it meant how much I'm frustrated by you!! But nooooo... Man, you're a pretty defensive character aren't ya?! If I was immature enough to threaten you, I'd ask for your phone number and home address.

Like I said, I took this offline to not annoy anyone. To keep from having anyone and everyone be involved. BUT NO, IronDude has to come and do this. Now who's crying??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

All I was saying was (while in Mex):

- I usually make friends on the trail

- I won't buy you a beer in Mike's Bar.

- I meet cool people, like my group of friends and riders (I don't believe that is ALWAYS the case now)

Someone who has to take forum posts personally. Name call... and put people down. Of all the good he does, the bad he does just over runs it two fold. And now... to be lying! Stretching what was really said. :thumbsup::awww:

And all over protecting Rob and Denise.

Maybe you'll see once again the facts, and that I wasn't blaming them for my valves as if it was ALL their fault. It was customer service issues... timing... customer aid... etc.

Like I said directly to you IronDude... I don't care to ever hear from you again. Can't you just go away?! You're like a itch I can't scratch, and annoying!

A good idea would be to delete this entire thread you just posted... It's not going to do any good and what do the people of TT care about it?! Nuttin' I'd think. Especially when you're stretching the truth. Sad... very sad it's came to this with you.

If you dont know how to work on your own bike, you shouldnt be riding any way.

Wow... Novel statement. But I'm sure you know bikes inside and out - up and down too?!


I had no idea you were going to offer up your life as a living sacrifice for us just because I adjusted your valves!!

Thanks and from now on you're the man! Rob & Denise

Post deleted by BWB63

and the 680 kit

Gawsh! I want the Barnums full 680 kit badly sometimes :thumbsup:

Post deleted by BWB63

shoulda took phelan road back to the 15!!!

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