Is it bad to leave my bike strapped to the trailer.....

Go find my post on this very same subject from a few days ago titled "tying bikes down"

Yes it is bad.

We leave three on the trailer all of the time, no tension on the forks, just enough to keep them from falling over, no problem with springs.

damage to the front end?

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Why do you think bike stands support the bike with no weight on the suspension? Seriously you can cause the springs to fatigue and compress over time. :)

You can buy a "bike shoe" it hold just the front wheel and uses no tie downs. The only problem with these, is if you get a flat front tire. Then the holder doesn't work so well.

I have a piece of 4" x 4" cut to around 11 inches. I put it between the front tire and fender and then tighten down the straps. You have to use ratcheting or Ancra tiedowns, any other type may come loose during transport :)


I had a "bike shoe" before, then sold it. I had it mounted on an open trailer. One day, I was looking in the rear view mirror and noticed how the bike leaned and swayed as I traveled. All I could think was... man! that must be stressful on the front wheel spokes & hubs. Went back to tie downs... pulled just enough to safely hold the bike.

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