Front Brake Disc Cover - Yes or No?

Should I use a disc cover, is it necessary?

Or is it only usefull to pros?

Looking on the gouges and marks on mine....good investment. :)

Protection never hurts. The plastic guards are alot cheaper than rotors

If your hitting stuff that's gouging the cover, maybe your riding a little too close to the edge?

They look cheap. They add extra weight. What's plastic gonna stop that cast steel won't? I don't run one but that's only my opinion. The only reason I could see using one was if you ride in alot of mud.

A plastic guard is a lot weaker than a brake rotor. Anything that hits it hard enough to damage the rotor will go right through the guard. I wouldn't waste my money.

It does offer some type of protection from flying debris coming from the bike in front of you but won`t do much in a violent crash. Besides that I think they look good.

When I picked up my WR a couple of weeks ago, I asked a workmate if he thought a disc guard was a good idea, his reply; i've been riding for blah blah amount of years etc, etc and never damaged a disc ever. Fair enough I thought. Last weekend he took his brand new YZ 426 for it's first ride and a chunk of wood flew up off the trail and bent his disc and carrier. Having said that I agree that a plastic guard probably wouldn't withstand any impact that would cause that sort of damage. What do we need? Maybe a lightweight alloy or carbon discguard? Chris.

After getting a stick jammed in my caliper,leaving my front brakes useless,at the exact moment i hit the tree i decided i would get one.

I use the cover for my WR for woods riding. I do not use it on my YZF for moto's, because it makes it more difficult to tune compression dampning even with a hole drilled into it. I do not know if it will cover my Braking Wave rotor also.

Call me an idiot, but I think most don't run them becaue they want to look cool.

I have a plastic guard and it has plenty of scratches and gouges in it from falls.

They aren't designed to prevent you from bending your rotor, just simply provide some minor impact protection.

Your chest protector isn't going to keep you from braking your back, but when you fall you sure are glad you are wearing it....Get my point?


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