question about jetting

I have a 2004 WR450F. It's bran new with only 115 miles on it. I noticed between very light acceleration and deseleration there is a flat spot. That motor kinda cuts in and out between the two. Is this a jetting problem? I ride at about 700ft above sea level. Would like to get the correct numbers of the main and pilot jet. I don't have any idea. Also the air screw is still in the stock postion. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks...

Not enough information to truly help you. Advice:

Buy JD jetting kit from this forum store. Do basic mods, gray wire, throttle stop , bigger cork, etc, you will find on this forum by searching. The bike will run much better and then post issues for more support. :thumbsup:

thanks, where do I find the link to all that?

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