Global Moto Outlet

I just ordered some goodies from Global Moto Outlet, and they got some of it wrong. Are they in anyway affiliated with Chapparral? Thanks, Maniac

I ordered Buchanan spokes & Excel gold rims from them in February. They came on time, but the spokes were not the right length and wouldn't fit through the holes in my hubs. So I sent them back and asked for Talon hubs & Bulldog spokes w/ spline drive nipples. (yeah... I know...$$$!!!!) Called first & confirmed everything. Was told they would leave in 2 days. 7 days later... after looking for the UPS man day after day... I call them, only to find out they are waiting on 1 set of spokes. I'm in Ga... 5 shipping days away! Ya think they called & said your stuff is back ordered? Noooooo... cause I mighta found it somewhere else. I will say... their prices were great & they did ship my stuff 2nd day air at no extra cost, but, I still got my stuff almost 2 weeks later than I expected. I was mad cause I had a cracked front rim and needed the stuff. That's my only dealings with GMO.

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