Picture of my little cousin.

That picture is almost surreal with the clouds in the background, very cool

Where can I get some of those pants?! :)

I really want to get a good picture or two of my wife and I on the track. I take pictures of her, she takes pictures of me, but none together. Let me know details. I am in salt lake, but it would be a little while, injury has me off the bike for another 2-3weeks.




I am not even gonna touch that one :)

You are alot like by dad. Whenever he walks by I instictivly flinch expecting a titty-twister or something. I wrote that post knowing Ego would have something to say about it. I want this guy to take the legit pics, I'll sneak in after dark with the digital camera for the good pics. No I aint posting them here. You will just have to oogle your biggun calender again.



ego, your week i would of liked to read what you had to say about that one.

cyprice what class do ya ride? i ride the usra, #12v am, class.

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