Name These Guys Part 2

Ok here they are

Pic #1


Pic #2


Pic #3


And Finally

Pic #4


Have fun

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Pic 2, guy on left is Roger D

#1 "Bad" Brad Lackey on the left. "Jammin" Jimmy Weinert on the right.

#2 Roger "the Man" Decoster on the left and for the rest of 'em, well I must do some research before I insert foot. I have ideas though!

Pic #1 guy on left is Brad Lackey.


Newan nailed Pics 1 and Half of Pic 2

The more I look at the last pic it looks like Roger D's style pitchin it side ways in the turn, but I'm not for sure. These pics got to be circa 1974-78. Dang I was anywhere from 6 months old to 4 yrs. old, but I do remember some of these in '79 running at Hangtown.

#1 lackey, wienert

#2decoster, lackey

#3 mike runyard

#4 decoster

Those were the good old days. Notice how they all had real nicknames. Nowadays all they can come up with is "MC" , "RC", "Bubba". Duhhhhh! How boring...


Correct on all but number 3


Newman your right

The Grossi Bros from Santa Cruz Calif





Dick Bugsy Man

Jimmy the Flea

Ya those were the days

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EGO, great pics, keep 'em coming....reminds me of my youth when I got addicted to this sport. :)

Go ahead and tell us before I say that #3 is someone like Wyman Priddy and possibly make myself look stupid.........


The day is young someone will get it

The guy on the left of picture #2 kinda looks like Matt Lauer with a beak. :)

EGO, is #3 a Husky? or what? Is it Heikki Micola (SP)

Picture 3 and 4 are not coming up. Is anyone else having this problem.


No not Husky Montessa only clue for now

A Montesticle? I thought I recognized that front hub! Could it be Roger D's cousin(?) Pekka Vehkonen for which the 74 Montesa VR250 was named? Or a U.S. rider? Marty Tripes used to race a Rickman Montesa but the guy in the photo looks a little more slender than Tripes. More clues on this one and Mr. Right photo #2 are required for further processing!!!!!!!


Hey Ego, #3 is John DeSoto.

I raced with him back in the late 70's

P.S. also when you post the pic's, change the name of them before you post. You gave them ALL away :):D:D:D


You smart Stinger

The Fylin Hawian

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