Name These Guys Part 2

No fair Stinger. I only went half a block down the street to grab a sandwich and you stole MY clue that I had to beg and plead for! Now, pic #2 ,Mr. Right? Clue please! And I was 99.9 % sure #4 was R.D. but I thought you might be messin with us putting him in twice.

Newman that answers are in the posts

I will give you a hint

BadBrad on right

RD on Left

Brad was telling Roger D how Ego got by him on the down hill :)

Part 3 tommarow

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Duhhh again! Sorry, I failed to read thoroughly, My A.D.D. must be flaring up again. That just leaves some out of focus Honda rider in the background unnamed. Are we after him too? How about a thread for all those old


"Bad" Brad Lackey

Bob "Hurricane" Hannah

Rick"Lumberjack" Burgett

Jeff "The Flying Freckle" Ward

Billy "Sugarbear" Grossi

Jim "Bimbo" Pomeroy

Heikki Mikkola "The Flying Finn"

I have more.....


I think someone is wrong about pic 1

That is Sonny Bono just after he hit the FIRST tree.

It was the SECOND one that "got" him!

That wasn't til' 1998 :)

Dang!........ I missed out again. Leave for the orthoped and I loose again. I rode a couple of Kawi's in the 70's and I knew those problem :)


I dunno, those pictures are older than me, but #3 looks like he's popped his hip out!!

That's Sonny Bono in the first picture...

photo#1:Brad Lackey and Jim Wienert

photo#2:Roger DeCoster and Brad Lackey

photo#3: Peter Lammpuu

photo#4: Roger DeCoster

Pic 1 = Bad Brad Lacky with Jammin Jimmy Wienert

Pic 2 = Bad Brad with Roger D, Brad Explains how ego Passed Roger

Pic 3 = John Desoto the Flyin Hawaian

Pic 4 = The Great One Roger Decoster


Sorry I came in late. I watched all of them race around in the 70s

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