2.6 Gallon Tank How Far Can You Go?

Ok my 2004 WR450F went 75 miles on 2 gallons of gas. When I got back from my 3 hour ride there was still plenty of gas in the tank and I never hit reserve. Just curious what other folks WR's are getting milage wise on the 2.6 gallons of gas? :thumbsup:

single track riding 25 mpg, lots of road or dez I can get 35 tops. We rode in one spot and my buddy almost ran out of gas on his crf 450 at 21 miles.

Hard riding up and down hills, lot of turns and braking 25mpg or 65 miles and up to 40 mpg or 100 miles dual sporting on flatter trails and blasting down fire roads. :thumbsup:

Current is aprox 30 mpg average on my 03 in off road race pace conditions. In more normal trail use I would put it over a 100 miles. However on my buddies new 04 he ran out of gas at 60 miles on the main and mine was at half a tank.

So maybe some minor changes in the 04 make for less mpg?

Riding single track today at an 17 mph average and had to switch to reserve at 52 miles. Drained the tank when we got back to the truck and had 12oz left at the end of 64.5 miles.

Like the rest of these guys it really seems to vary from one extreme to the other depending upon what type of riding you are doing. I raced a desert race a couple of months ago that seemed to have a lot of fast sand wash riding and I ran out at 44 miles. But a couple of weeks ago I went for a trail ride with lots of mixed terrain and I rode 62 miles and never hit reserve so like I say it really can vary quite a bit.

Since these bikes have pumper carbs the mileage is very sensitive to how much you twist on the throttle. If you're on and off the throttle alot they can really suck it down. The smoother you ride the better the mileage. Hard charging in the desert I get about 25 mpg but cruising on my dual sport I get as high as 38 mpg.

I must be the mileage king, I rode the White Rim trail, 150 miles out and back to Moab on 2.8 gallons, 53 mpg on a 3.4 gallon tank. I was riding very easy the first part of the trip to make sure I had plenty to share with one of our riders on a TTR-125. But I picked up the pace after we figured out we had plenty.

I usually get about 35 mpg. When I commute in motard form I get about 43 mpg.

I can run to the next community 100 miles away on snowmobile trails on 1 tank, and that includes getting stuck once in a while. That's like 39 mpg.

At the loretta lynns gncc i got about 42 miles and she quit running and it went on reserve. Luckily my dad was just around the corner with the gas can. I don't understand how you guys are getting 65 miles? Thats nuts.

03 WR450F 160MJ, needle richer 1 clip, wire clipped, air box mod, odo removed, twin air, all blue plastic, long seal savers, yz rear fender, EE handguards, protaper t-clamp+bars, Bridgestone tires, WC frame/radiator guards, CF lower fork guards, CF skidplate. Pro circuit t-4 slip on,DS customs brake fin. Race tech springs on the way, retorqued flywheel nut ,

Wanted Parts: IMS 3.3 or bigger tank (new or slighty used)

I got 75 miles with fuel to spare on my 04 WR450F

Just rode 550 miles in Michigan's upper penninsula and averaged 50mpg

When I ride trails on a normal weekend I could get about 75 miles with out using reserve and would est. about 60 or so at race pace. Tank was close to being empty when I did the 56 mile loop at the Leadbelt enduro.

About 35-40 miles to the gallon on an even mix of trails, dirt roads, and some pavement. Would have to be 17 years old again to get 25 MPG, if you know what I mean. :thumbsup: Sure miss those days.....

My record is 52mpg..

I rode some Michigan two-track and singetrack last weekend. Got just over 22mpg in the singletrack stuff, around 24mpg on the two-track. Made 60 miles in the two-track and never hit reserve, although it took a shade over 2.5gal to fill her back up. The bike went almost exactly 60 miles in the singletrack stuff and hit reserve about 200yards from the trailer.

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