my order

well i cansaled my order for my pipe cause the order got messed up. i have a question about my stock header. the front of the pipe were it curves from the head is all blue and i dont know how it got like that. i also think im going to save my money a buy a nice CR125 to mess around on the track with or a cheep fourwheeler.

so can someone help me with the pipe turning blue problem.

My kid used to turn blue when he did not get his way

Are you punishing your yz for any reason :)

This is normal, I do not know the scientific reason or the metalergic reason why, but its normal

It is perfectly normal, when metal heats up it often turns blue/purplish....don't worry about it.

My toes turn blue when they get cold. Maybe you could slip a sock on your headerpipe. :)

That means it's broken, please send it to me so that I may give it a proper barial. :D

Dodger :D:)

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