Anyone know where I can get this setup?

Sorry Flying guitar for using your photo but it has exactly what I need. I am looking for this bar and Riser setup. Not sure who makes one so can someone help. I am 6'4 and this looks mighty comfy.


Wow!!!! That's an awesome looking bike!! :thumbsup:


I pm'd you with some info....Try calling thumperracingusa or emailing them about risers....I think they sell them but don't have them listed on the site.


i called thumperracingusa about them and they do sell them even though they aren't listed on their site. they want about $90 for the 1" up and forward, i'm guessing the 1.5" that you'd probably want won't be much more.

flying guitars, i meant to ask you in the other thread you had, but did you have any issues with the cables or brake line being pulled tight from the increase in height of the bars?

Good question....I forgot to mention. I had to take off my front brake guide (attached to the triple clamp bolt) because the brake line looked a little tight when the bike was on the stand with the forks extended. I just took the guide off, but then the brake line rubbed the number plate. No big deal, the plate just looked worn after several rides. Then I made my own bracket out of aluminun angle stock....later I ended up copying it with a home made carbon fiber one...same thing....just looks cooler. If you buy the risers, I could show you a picture or make one up for you.

I didn't have any problems with the throttle cables though.


good to know. i'm thinking of getting the 1" risers for my 426 so it'll feel more roomy. i did notice that in the picture you had your throttle turned forward a little and i wasn't sure if that was why. i think i'm going to order them tomorrow.

lacofdfireman, sorry i kind of hijacked your thread. but, hopefully this is useful information for you, too.

That set up looks nice, and the bike looks great too. That set up must work really well for you, cause it looks like you have a bottle of champagne stored under your bike stand! LMOA! no really, the tall risers do help out alot if your in the 6 foot and up group, i heard they even make 6 inch risers for shaq! (jk) later thumpers!

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