Stator or tuning?

I just installed a electrex dakar dual sport kit on my 2000 YZ. I had to get the modified WR stator/flywheel to produce the juice. I got it all together and it is bad ass, except for the engine miss. It is the same as what is discussed when the carb needs to be leaned out with the needle. It only happens at a steady throttle.

The thing I am wondering about is that it never had this problem before I did the swap. Yesterday I dropped the needle one click and the problem seemed to get worse. That is what makes me wonder about it being a tuning issue.

Should I go the other way with the needle or do I need to open up the flywheel cover and inspect. There is really no adjustment that can be made with how the stator is screwed on is there?

I have a K&N, a FMF PC IV and the carb is in all of the stock settings, except for the needle dropped a click. Other than that, the motor is stock.

Thanks in advance.

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