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So I screwed up big time. I had a small leak coming from the outer screw on the timing chain plug and I pulled it apart to find the o ring is smashed. No biggie so replaced it threw it back in and went to start it and it wouldn’t turn over. Turns out you gotta reset the tensioner, so looked it up how to reset the the tensioner did that put it all back together properly but it still would not turn over. Found a video saying you have to have it at top dead center for it to engage properly, (now that I think now was probably wrong). Any way pulled it apart and proceed to find top dead center without the tensioner in place and the chain slipped on one of the sprockets. And now I believe the cams are out of sync and I’m not going to be able to properly set the timing back in to sync.



So my question is what should I do to get my cams back into sync and how to get it top dead center? And why was the tensioner not allowing the bike to turn over? How do I get it back to normal?

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This is the same procedure that is required for a rebuild, so it is possible to re-time it.

I would slack the chain and turn both cams back to the TDC position.  Then the valves are also fully retracted.

Then you rotate the crank (can use the rear wheel in 6th gear) until the TDC mark is lined up.  Then put the chain back on and reset the tensioner.

I suggest trying to turn it over "by hand" (rear wheel) before using the starter to make sure it is correct and nothing interferes. Hopefully none of the valves were damaged, if you were just using the e-start it should be OK.

Reading your post again, if you only removed the outer screw it should not have affected the tensioner.  Only the large nut will.

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