busted some riblets, need a tall guys chest protector

i was airborne over a dune at knolls utah, last sat. air brakes arent very good on my bike, didnt know there was a huge rock lump on the other side. needless to say it hurt. i broke my helmet and my chest protector. i had a nice helicopter ride to the u trauma center, so... need a new chest protector, are there any for tall guys. mine saved me, but i want the best there is now.

Not sure what kind will do any better. I am 6'1" and use a Thor protector. I also have cracked ribs right now from hitting the ground! Not sure if any will help you with ribs...mainly designed for roost!

Chest protectors wont save your ribs, I was wearing my Acerbis II for fat guys and broke a few ribs and the get off was not that bad.

As Satch says, its more for roost

I am 6'3" 265lbs I have the new Thor Force XL and really like it. It is adjustable and very comfy!!!! I have the one with the flat black shoulder covers.

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