Too Much Oil?

I changed my oil the other night and added 1.7 ML into the frame. After, I warmed up to check the level, the oil was about 3/4 inch above the top mark. When cold it reads between the marks. Is this too much oil? If so is this a bad thing or should I not worry about draining some out. I should have looked in in manual, it shows 1.6 capacity with filter change.

sorry about the double post. It took a while for the first one to show up, I didnt think it worked.

The oil reading when the bike is warm is the one that counts. It could be that when you drained the old oil you didn't get it all out. There could be some in the oil lines etc. You can run the bike like that but you will spew oil everywhere because of that overflow tube on the top of the engine. They sell these turkey baster things you can draw some excess oil out with or you can just crack the oil drain bolt for a second and get that level down a bit. Good luck

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