what are like the top exhaust for riding tracks with my 426. is FMF titaineum any good.

Personally I made my own exhaust out of old vacum cleaner tubes and paper towel tubes, them the best for riding :)

Man to much

This will start an avalance of threads, this is a prefreance thingy, what do you want low end , mid or top end performance. Honestly any exhuast will do. At the calliber of skill we "Or Maybe I ride At :D "

Exhaust aint gonna make that much of a differance

Ego, I have 6 pros standing by waiting to test your vacuum hose and paper towel roll exaust. I know a marketing guy that says we can sell a thousand of them a year! I'll be your manager at ohhhh 60% of the take and we'll go around to all the races and sell pipes! What do you say?

I like my WB E series but don't know if it's the best. Check the pipe shootouts in the bike mags.

Only six

Man I have the entire Yamaha Factory wanting me stuff. I sold to KTM Instead


What about the Dubach exhaust ?

i upgraded from stock to vacuum cleaner tubes, couldn't use paper towel tubes as i ride way too "red hot". i got an s bend header w/ r4 exhaust,white bros, from a board member. i like it, but i have an '01 WZ, so the stock wr exhaust was no real winner, the wb system fit up nicely and is loud, can't really tell ya performance wise because i did all the yz mods at once then bolted my bike back up with the new exhaust, it goes good, seems like more mid to high, but i've got a 52 tooth rear, so it snaps anyway.there! the definitive response. :)

I run a full ti yosh tri oval.Very happy with it. Ego havent we replied to this post before? Yosh or FMF i feel are the best pipes of course i favor the Yosh. OK EGO.

No worries I like me Vacum Tube meself :)

As I said Personal Pref here...

I sold my stainless T-4 White Bros. for my Thunder Alley. Its that good. And its cheaper, and hand made. Call thunder alley and just talk to them. All you need is the slip on tail section. The headpipe is a waste really, unless your made of money. Thunder Alley 559-584-8109 ask for Bob if he doesnt pick up the phone.

If you are become inclined to go WB e-series, I have one I'd like to sell. Good shape, extras, and all that. The performance is great, just a little loud for the areas I ride. I can send pic'

s and details if you are interested is saving some $$$.


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