Australian dirtbike insurance

Hello Thumper Talkers,

does anyone have theft and fire insurance on their WR's? At the moment it looks like the minimum I will pay is around $600!! What a joke! My quote was supplied by Western QBE and I've heard that SWANN is similarly priced. What insurance company do my fellow TTalkers use and how much do you pay?

Cheers guys,


Hi Grum,

Just paid the insurance on the WR, it was $330 with QBE ($6000 comprehensive cover), also paid the insurance on my new SomethingTMSomething20 (!!!) it was $334 ($12000 comprehensive cover).

But im an old fart (35yr) with a really good discount/bonus (around 50%), so maybe that makes it easier to swallow.

Had just fire and theft and third party (ie. no crash damage cover) on another bike and it was $140 odd cheaper...that was with RACV.



I've rung around and each of the insurance companies have said that they will not do 3rd Party Fire and Theft, only full comprehensive.. The cheapest quote was around $700. Its not like we have $3000 worth of fairings to protect! Im more concerned about theft and am struggling to justify spending so much on full comp. Im 28 and rating 2.

Insurance companies are a joke in most instances i reckon.

I agree with wr 400 in oz, I priced comprehensive for my WR and they, "SGIC" wanted $1300 a year. What a joke! They won't cover the bike for racing and if you modify it in any way, ie put aftermarket parts on it your not covered. For $1300 a year I'll take the risk!


my QBE is about $340 full cover including extras and rego in the sunshine state is only $165.00 12 months. a friend tells me its about $600.00 in sydney ,suckers .

Greg, 98 wr400

Gary and others,

thanks for your replies. It seems as though the insurance companies really have us over a barrell on this issue. Sounds like QBE could be the company to go for.

So you made the step up onto a KTOOMER 520 eh? How much did you pay for yours (if you don't mind me asking?).I was riding behind one of those orange monsters during the Nolan rally in Eildon. When stuck behind a 520, the roost put out by those bikes really, really hurts! I found that I would be blown away in the straights put on the tighter technical tracks we were about even. Cheers and good luck,


I have two bikes with swann at the moment and your price is right for fire and theft - that is on a yz. What really pissed me is that I can't transfer my better rating on my other bike to my new one????

$295 through MRA(Swann). Rating 1. $8505 full comp. Inner Melb. MRA members get a discount, I think its about 10%.

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