Need help choosing pipe for XR650L

I am looking for a Aftermarket pipe for my 00' XR650L. I want something a little louder than the stock pipe but not too loud that I get sick of riding it. When I ride off-road it is on private land (my uncles 1500 acre ranch). I am looking at White Bros E-series , Pro circuit T-4, and XR's only pipe with a quiet core insert. I am trying to stay around the $250. I also want to stay away from any pipes that will turn my rear fender black from heat. Any advice or thoughts on any pipes would be appreciated. Thanks.... Aaron

Go for the Gun, Big Gun QC that is. Get the headers too, if you can afford them.

Otherwise go for the FMF Q or get a Trapp IDS2 QS. I've got this Trapp slip-on & it works great. Not too loud & not too expensive.

White Brothers E-series!!!!! :thumbsup:

I knew that Dog² would be along with his SuperTrapp! Now let's get have a fine bike and you deserve the Best exhaust. Get a Yoshimura with the TEK insert set. You can adjust the noise to 3 different levels with the quietest being just about like stock. The muffler alone is about $260 from Toss in $40 for the TEK set up and go have fun. Did I mention that the TEK inserts change out in under a minute??? Woof........ :thumbsup:

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