Trickle Charger?

Can anyone suggest a good Trickle Charger for 04 WR450f? I wanna keep my baby juiced in between weekend rides.

Battery Tender Jr. :thumbsup: You can get one for $19.95 at

Arizona Motorsports

Comes with a harness that stays on the bike so all you have to do is plug the charger into it. I have mine tucked behind the airbox cover.

I got the "Parts Unlimited" one from Dennis Kirk and the part number is "28982" and it comes with one pigtail, also, order an extra pigtail for everything you have that uses a 6 or 12 volt battery, including your riding mower. Then order one extra. I did and have the pigtail for everything I own. The "extra" pigtail I bought was to just put some battery charge clip ends on it so I can just charge a battery on the bench. With the 6 volt option, it works great for my little classic 1973 CT 90 too. The part number for extra pigtails is "28-983" here is a picture of the unit below. The charger is no bigger than the one on the end of your cell phone charger. Here is a link that "may" take you right to the charger at Dennis Kirk.


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