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App needs work


When I click on topics/Links in the TT emails, I am almost always taken to an unrelated TT section in the app.


Searching the app also excludes relevant topics.


I usually type what I’m looking for into google, filled by “thumper talk.” I then use the google result to get me to the right part of the app.


To clarify, I love this forum. The topics and content are awesome. Take this as constructive feedback or make the app better.


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The app is powered by Tapatalk, a utility that reads most of the popular forum platforms. It's set up to support basic forum functions, namely posting & replying. If the content is not within a discussion forum, say in our Blogs or Articles section, Tapatalk isn't able to read these custom sections. It's looking for the same content ID number ONLY in our discussion forums database, so that's why you can get to the content OUTSIDE tapatalk.  Since we don't own or control how Tapatalk works, we can't address this downside. However, our website is fully responsive in design, it automatically scales itself to work well whether you're on a phone, tablet or desktop. If you want to give it a try, simply oepn your phone browser and type in http://www.thumpertalk.com Thx for your feedback.

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