Last Chance Qualifier

can-am guy Jimmy Ellis???

#15 kaw rider is Wienert?i thought Lackey at first but i don't think he rode kaw till later.

#255 the # seems to high for it to be Marty Smith wasn't he riding 125s then?

yeah i'll go with Shawn,Marty Tripes on the honda

#46 kinda looks like a bultaco so maybe Pomeroy.

good one Ego!!!

It's me, Cowboy, Snowball and Pyle.

I'm in the lead!

man i knew i shouldn't have looked at this thread it's driven me nuts!

is #255 Rick Burgett maybe? did he ride for honda back then??

and the more i look at #46 it looks like a yamaha with those goofy cannister forks, man,i don't know!

ego you suck!!!


Common not you too, Are you being mean to me :)

Im bummed

Answer in the AM

[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]


you make this place interesting :)

my head hurts from starin' at that stoopid


Yeah, I agree. YOU SUCK! I looked through about 200 Honda pics and couldn't find #255. Smith was 522 so that don't count! How about Tommy "Tomahawk" Croft on the Factory RC250? Damn,there goes another nickname! #15...hmmmm how about Gary Semics on the factory SR250 Kawasaki? #46 How about "Rocket" Rex Staten or Don"Killer" Kudalski on the factory Harley Davidson MX250 and let's stick with Jimmy Ellis on the Canned Ham. Gary jones had already left Can-Am and Kenny Zahrt wasn't there yet, correct?????

Newmann, you rock dude!!!!!!!!!!!

i forgot about semics and croft.

didn't Don Kudalski ride Rokons too

i seem to remember "ROKON DON", i think he was from florida? and semics was from ohio

Notice the Harley big rig in the background?

C'mon Ego talk to us!!! You're killing me!

I've got that photo.... I know who they all are!

It's not as fun when ya cheat :D

nan nan nannan nan

btw, Ive have to wait till I get home, to get the names :) Dooop

#255 could be Rich Eirstadt (spelling?)

#255 = "Gassin" Gaylon Mosier?

Of course, the one I'm in on, I have NO clue :D I'll try:

255 smith honda

15 wienert kaw

46 staten harley

Bill :)

Appears as if Ego's holding out on us! :)

No Way holding out, I will post the Answers

Bill Ya got one right

Do ya want the answers Now ?

Well you really wouldn't make us wait would you?

Ok her ya go

here are the answeres

# 255 = Don Killer Kudalski

# 15 = Gary Semics

# 46 = Harley Mounted Rex Staten - Ya Bill

oh ya Can-am = # 7 Jimmy Ellis

[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Aaaaargh!First my A.D.D. was relapsing, now the Dyslexia. Was Kudalski on the Factory Team? I'm the Vintage Honda freak of the century and missed that one! So, how about the Canned Ham rider? And who is the fat chick by the fence with one breast bigger than the other?

Did you go back and add Jimmy Ellis later(edited)? I might have to get checked for real!

Ok here is the last Pic O D Day

Guess Who is #'s 255, 15, 46 and the Can-Am Rider behind 255 Plus What Bikes


I will Post the Answer in the Morning

[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

my guess on the honda guy #255 would be Marty Tripes, simply because he's bigger than the bike, like tripes was.

I was thinkin the can am guy was Donny Hansen, but the picture is too old.

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