Broken Rear Shock

I would try a big name suspension specialty shop. If anyone can help I bet they could.

Call the guys at JMR Power Sports. They did the work on my 426. They use Moto Pro and Tim ought to be able to tell you if they can get those parts. (256)381-7556. You should be able to get them.

Go to

He is locally here in Vegas but nationally known for his suspension work(see dirtrider magazine) they do tests on his bikes all the time. I met with him today and he helped me with my suspension a little. He is a nice guy and easy to deal with. I think his prices are extremely fair as you will see on his web site.

I broke sheared the the 2 spring guides and trashed the shock on my WR this weekend. The dealer has told me that you can't get internal parts for the OEM shock. I find this a little hard to swallow. Any help?

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