YZ Cam Question In A 2004 WR450F

Just bought my bran new 2004 WR450F last week. So far has 115 miles I have put on it. I have done the throttle stop mod, removed the air box snorkle and removed the exhaust baffle. Runs pretty hard. But I want to go full power with this motor. If I have the 2004 YZ450F cam installed will my decompression work and will I be able to still use my electric start? I'm all new at this and full of questions about this bike. How much is a 2004 YZ450F exhaust cam and where could I get one for a good price? I'd appreciate any info on this. Thanks..

The YZ exhaust cam was a direct swap on my '03WR450 and everything is fine, electric start, etc. It and opening the airbox and a Jardine pipe made a noticable improvement in top end power on the dyno.

+8hp @ 9k rpm (46hp to 54hp)

+13hp @ 10k rpm (40hp to 53hp)

+13 +hp @11k rpm (won't rev that high stock to 53hp)

I use mine for supermoto racing. You may not want this type of performance for woods riding.

So far, no problems or issues, knock on wood.

Exellent reply YamaMonty925, that's the kind of info that we're looking for :thumbsup:. Now all we need is someone to do the same with the hot cam. Does anyone have these kind of numbers or at least tell us how well the hot cam worked, and if so did you change just the exhaust or did you do both?

If someone wants to send me a free Hotcam, I'll put it in and let you know what kind of numbers we get... :thumbsup:

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