Rear brake pad pin problems!!??!!

i have a '98 YZF400 and was recently tryin to change the brakes, and am having a lovely time takin the brake pins out!! they just won't move. any suggestions or advice on this issue??!?! anythin?

Do you know when the last time they were done and were you the one that did them? Just wondering about the existence of red loctite or something of that nature that might require some coaxing?

If its not loctite'd I typically use PB Blaster (link) , can get it at wal-mart in the auto department for about $3.94. Spray it on and wait a bit, give it another try.

If it is loctited I use PB and (sometime later) a torch, though I don't think thats gonna work here as boots and seals would melt quickly. :thumbsup:

You might be experiencing corrosion due to the reaction between the dissimilar metals. This will lock it in solid.

Typical methods are heat, penetrating fluids and perhaps an impact driver of some sort to break it loose.

Maybe try freezing the entire assembly and then heating just the area around the threads on the aluminum caliper and hope it expands quicker than the pin and break it loose with an impact driver. Perhaps heating the entire assembly in an oven would allow the hole to expand just enough to give you the little bit you need to get it loose.

Good luck!


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