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helppppppppp please

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when i ride my drz400sm it feels like im bouncing i went and got my wheel balanced then remounted it and it still bounces played with the rebound adjustment then tried it again and nothing again now im out of ideas please help lol thanks

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Have you recently had new tyres fitted?

I would rise the bike off the ground and check the wheels.

Make sure front rim isn't buckled, then make sure the beed line is equal around the tyre. You can do this by simply spinning the wheel and watching the rim edge and the beed line to make sure it doesn't wobble too much.

Harder to do with the rear as the chain drag will hamper spinning the wheel but you could do it with the bike running and in gear. Have a helper to steady the bike and hold the throttle open slightly, keep your fingers away from the chain, in fact try to stay around the brake side of the bike, but you'll need to check both sides really so be really careful.

Finally check the centre of your tyres to look for high spots, again by spinning the wheels.

Whilst doing this also see if you have a tight spot on the brakes (a warped disk).

If you don't find anything wrong you might just have to bite the bullet and get new tyres, do the front first as it's likely the cause.

I had a front tyre go bad on a previous bike. A DL650 Vstrom, the tyre was about 1/2 worn about started to make the bars shake at 40/45 mph when slowing down. I checked the above, then checked the wheel bearings, and checked the balance. Eventually I put a new tyre on and it was all good again.


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