Vermont will not register my WR

I called the Vermont DMV to register my 03 WR450, they will not register any bikes with a "not for highway use" title anymore with out a full inspection by a Vermont certified inspection station. this ruins my plans to ride the three dual sport rides in my area,Loudon NH,Hancock NY, and somewhere in NJ. If anyone knows of a different state that will street register {retitle} my 03 WR450 without an inspection let me know,I don't mind installing a dual sport kit on the bike, but I do not want to install DOT aproved tires, I just installed a brand new 756 on the rear.

Everyone I've talked to that dual-sported a bike said that the inspector never looked at the tires. I was pissed when the guy didn't look at the set I bought for just that purpose!

You can get DOT tires that are pretty cheap too..

check out trak master II dot tires @$70.00 a set. I think there made by kenda. There should be a local dealer that will inspect the bike for you. Once you get your inspection cert go to the dmv and apply for a new title. Do you have to have Insurance in Conn.??. If you do check out progressive, they insured my WR. Good Luck.

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