How do you confirm a sub-frame is bent?

I looped out big time last weekend :lol: and snapped my rear fender off at the seat :lol:.Not only that but the exhaust end cap was bent up to almost a 45 degree angle. I put on a used rear fender that a buddy gave me and it does not sit square over the rear tire. I think when the exhaust hit the ground it tweeked the sub-frame. Any tips to try and square it off or is it a lost cause and I should buy a new one :awww:.Thanks for any and all input, you guys are always great about helping :thumbsup:.

Smoke :lol:

You could try a plum-line(or bob)hung from the middle of the sub frame and see if it points to the middle of the tyre,also have a look for any sign of cracked paint on the sub frame?,or just measure up from each side of the swing arm :thumbsup:

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