I would just like to apologize to everyone here for ego and I's little feud. I am sorry you guys are having to read that crap. I just get really mad when he personally attacks me through the pm system. You guys don't read that stuff, but it is pretty disturbing.

So, I hope you guess accept my apology because I think you guys are a good group of riders/mechanics.

Appology excepted

First things first, the personal attacks are true, I placed them in a Quote PM Unquote

I will stand by my positision that I have never attacked first in this PUBLIC Forum.

I challenged this person to find any post of mine that I started the attack, in regards to name calling or out in out hostility.

My posts are sarcastic at best and make fun of nothing more then being the silliness of ones question.

I have never stated in a post (Well Except for the Poor misguided ignorant beep) remark with ShawnMC for which I did step out of bounds.

I can take it as well the sarcasim but not hostil attacks or name calling.

I appologies also to the masses but not to the attacks to yznvegas.

Son let me tell you ignorance is bliss, re-read the starting of the posts, you will find the nature of my PM's to you.

Out side of that I remain the same nothing more nothing less

I will respond no more to yznvegas


[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

[ May 30, 2002: Message edited by: Bill ]

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