01 WR426 throttle stop

Has any one got the specs for cut-off on the 01 WR throttle stop?

Going to break the engine in like I did the 400 and then do some post-throttle stop thrashing.

Help me please.

Can you use the throttle stop from the 2001 YZ426 on the 2001 WR426?

I don't know but I will check w dealer to see if there is a part # available. Thanks for the input.

I have the 01 wr426 adn my dealer took it out completely. I ran it after that I did not notice any ill effects. It is a small allen-headed screw that only has a tiny bit of threads and the rest is a smooth pin. I asked if there was a replacement part number for it, so that if I cut it down and screwed it up I could replace it, but there I was told there is not a part number for it??

Go figure.. Anyway, with mine completly gone it works fine.


I removed the stop on my 99 WR. It seemed ok but I did noticed the rev limiter kick in if I was hammering it. Usually noticed 3rd and 4th gear. I would like to cut my 01 WR to spec if possible or find the right throttle stop to replace it with.

On the '00WR it was 9mm cut off, leaving 19.5mm of threads. This is just enough to make full throttle without going too far. The carbs on the '00 and '01 are the same (FCR2), so I would expect yours to be cut 9mm also.


I agree with bhunt I used the stop from the 00 426 in my 00 WR and it was very easy. If the 01 carbs are the same you should have no problems.

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