rich condition?

Hello fellow thumpers, when i first start the beast it seems to have a rich condition, spits and pops alot. I leave the choke on for about 15 seconds or until I get moving and then turn it off, it still pops for a couple of minutes until warm and then it smooths out and runs like the beast I know. I have a full WB e-series pipe. and I rejetted to the settings from WB. currently the fuel/air screw is 1 3/4 turns from bottom. I am going to play a little with the mixture screw but not sure which way to start? Open or close? The real only problem is if it dies a couple of times while still cold, it floods and we all no what that means. All replys will be appreciated. RIDE ON


Try leaving the choke on until the radiator is warm to the touch. then click off and open her up. Sounds like your not letting it warm enough.

I have an 02, but start it before I put the helmet, goggles and gloves on. When I finish the bike has reached a good operating temp.

Have you checked your spark plug for rich condition?

I agree. Don't ride it until it is warmed up. Instead of using the choke to keep it running I turn up the idle, probably about a full turn.

As far as I'm concerned, that is the reason behind making the idle speed adjustable by hand. Like Ranger, by the time I put on my helmet, goggles, and gloves my bike will idle normally (back down one turn on the idle speed), indicating it is warmed up.

Hope this helps.

I wanted to add a few things:

The screw on the bottom of the carb is a fuel screw, so out is richer, in leaner.

And in my experience you are correct. No bike is harder to figure out how to start than a partially warmed up YZF/WR that you have just stalled.

Get in the habit of starting it w/ your helmet off, turning up the idle so it will run unattended (you may find it will start w/out choke and a few throttle blips if you just up the idle one turn), and by the time you have your goggles in place it will be ready to go.

thanks for the info guys. I have checked the plug and it is usually black which makes me think it is rich. Also I have always ran Amoco gold for my fuel, and recently the sold out and i have been trying other high octain fuels.. This may be my only problem. I just today bought some turbo blue fuel and I will try it the first thing in the morning. this could be my only problem...thanks again and i will let her warm a little longer and see if that helps.....Life is short, Ride with freinds and family and ride hard...

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