01 WR426 Questions

Hi everyone. Some questions about the 01 426...

1. besides the difference in displacement, starting and decomp, what are the differences between the 426 and the 450?

2. any design or reliability problems to look out for on the 2001 model year?

3. anything else to consider?

Thanks for the input.

The WR450 has a smaller gas tank. On the 01WR426 keep an eye on the chain adjustment and upper chain guide. They had a sloppy fit that allowed dirt to get under the guide and eat away at the swingarm. I have seen pictures of swingarm cracks because of this. I glued some old tubes under my guide and it solved this problem. Other then that my 01WR426 has been rock solid.

2003 450's come with built in woodruff key failures waiting to happen. :thumbsup::awww:

I guess yamaha parts dept. needed a lift!!! :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the heads-up!

My '01 426 has been very reliable so far. I'm not a pro racer which means that I'm not really hard on the machine but I'm not a beginner either... I love this bike. The 03 has bigger forks, e start, smaller tank and matching seat, easy side access to air filter, different subframe. You can also consider that they probably improve set ups for suspension, brake and carb a little bit every year...

I own one of each. The 426 was my primary ride until I got the 450 and dual sported the 426. The 450 is much better than the 426 in a couple of areas.

- One the ergonomics are a bit more spacious. The 426 feels a little cramped to me and the smaller gas tank on the 450 affords a little better riding position.

- the 450 turns better and has a little better suspension.

- the 450 'rides' lighter. I think on the scale they are about the same but the 450 feels lighter when riding which is probably due to item #4

- the motor! Slap a YZ cam in the 450 and the motor is awesome. Even without the cam it's pretty stout.

Don't get me wrong the 426 was and still is a great bike and has been rock solid dependable for me. But as the 426 was to the 400 the 450 is the next evolution. Each one a bit better than the previous. If money were not a factor I would choose the 450 hands down ('04 of course with all the starter fixes).

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