Intake Whistle on 04 450

Just wanted to see if any others have noticed a slight whine/whistle coming from their intake upon revving the engine up.

I never noticed it before this weekend, but I took the seat off and put my ear to the filter and it definitely was a whine from the air entering the carb. When I rev the bike up, it it sort of like a little whisteling right when you crack the throttle. When you rev it steadily, the whine increased with RPM but once speed is steady, it goes away. It sounds like it is from the accelerating air. Runs strong, not hot, etc. so i think it is normal.

My brother has a 426 and his seems to have the same sort of whine sometimes, but I didn't ride his to investigate further.

Let me know if you have heard the same type of thing or if it could be that the valves need adjusting after break in, etc.

It is the same type of intake whine that you hear if you put an aftermarket open air filter on your car and do away with the airbox, etc. It is a high pitched "whoosh" upon cracking the throttle.

Big thumper power :thumbsup:

My 2000 426 does the same thing.There is a metal plate on the engine side of the carb slide that vibrates at certain rpm's. If you take the slide out of the carb, the plate will fall out, im not sure what it is for. There is a rubber seal like an o-ring between the plate and slide. This noise bugged me so I removed the air box and boot and with the engine running, I put light pressure on the slide with a screwdriver and it stopped vibrating. Everybody who rides behind me can hear it. My buddys 426 doesnt do it. I dont know if that rubber seal gets crushed and needs to be replaced or what. :thumbsup:

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