Takin burms

Whats the best way to take burms with a 426? I've heard two schools of thought.(1) Come in hot,pull in the clutch, roll into it, then hit the trottle or (2) Come in hot,use the engine braking with no clutch, then hit the throttle.

It really depends on the make up of the berm

Example Loamy Dirt, or Hardpack with Marbles or Sand, How high is the berm how deep.

All in all its a matter of style and experiance

Berms can be tagged just flat out if they are setup that way "Slow Sweeping High Berm Loamy Dirt"

Some you pick a crucial point and just slam it and wak the throttle.

I suggest watching the other riders first if its a fast sweeper or quick turn. Look at the ruts see what line most guys are using. Listen for when they shut off and when they roll back on.

You can pick up a lot of knowledge wacthing some hot shoe or local yocals go through them.....

Good luck

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Ego is probably an expert on cornering with berms, because he doesn't know squat about cornering on flat turns. See Egos better half for details.

Good luck,


Hey that kid center punched me :)

how far are you planning on taking the berms?berms are usually pretty heavy i suggest excavator and large dump truck , for medium sized berm you might be able to use tractor w/front loader and load it into your buddy's pickup.if it a small berm [like the one egoahole practices on]i would say a couple of shovels and a wheelbarrel will be enough to take berm to its new location.if you plan on taking these berms on freeway make sure you cover with tarp.you dont want to get a ticket.

lol, no! he wanted to take it on his 426! so he's gonna have to rig up some sorta hitch to the back of his bike, preferablly subframe, and find a trailer with a long nose so he doesnt jack knife it on his bike :) oh, and use freestyles suggestion of a tarp, dont want that berm blowin away ya know.

whats a berm buster?if its a tractor i'd like to borrow it. i need to take a berm over to my buddy's house we are going to setup up track in his backyard as soon as i figure out a way to take the doubles.

A berm buster is actually a secret code word for Super secret agents. They got the nick name berm busters sometime in the late 40's after WWII.

I am told the Brits coined the Phrase, Just so they could have some note worthy thing they have done since WWII :)

Ya see the Brits had the first Chance to start racing and they used old 650 twins. They did not turn very well so the Built Big Ol huge Berms for truns. Well the phrase comes from when a real drunk Brit jumped on his real big heavy 40 incher and just plowed through the Berm.

Hence Berm Busters

i wonder if i could get a few of those brits to give me a hand taking a couple berms.if there not to busy eating crumpets and sipping on tea.that jumping on a forty incher sounds a little bit too kinky for my taste.

practice practice practice.. At first I had a hard time with berms, but once you get the hang of it things will start to fall into place. Not all berms are the same, some are easier to enter wide and exit at the inside, and some are easier the other way around, depends on the corner. I personally do better if I roll through the corner, don't use the clutch, and use smooth throttle control. When I try to square it off and shoot out like on a 2-stroke I get worn out too fast. The things that helped me most is stay forward, weight the outside foot peg and keep your elbows up. Look where you want to go, not at the front wheel! Have fun!

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